Addington School

Family Fun - Discoverers - Sing and Swing


Sing and Swing is a fun way of keeping active and a great opportunity for some family fun! 


Sing and Swing provides a familiar, consistent format through which individual children (working on the floor) can experience and develop engagement and a range of preverbal and interaction skills. Furthermore, it can support with body awareness as well as improving spatial awareness.

Repetitive words (reflecting the movements of the body parts) are set to familiar tunes which are sung by the supporting adult. This gives the opportunity for the songs to be repeated at various tempos, volumes and in different styles, as suggested by the responses of the pupils.

Children are given space, time and encouragement to join in, and then to investigate, discover and initiate new movements, which are then incorporated into the session. The songs can be sung in any order and repeated as often as appropriate.

The session should be led by the children, their needs and their responses.

Sing and Swing was developed by Liz Henderson, Three Ways School, Bath (April 2012). From an original concept by Liz Henderson and Sue Crisp (2000).