Addington School

Useful Links

Disabled Living Website - Disabled Living is a charity which provides impartial information about equipment (assistive technology) and services for disabled adults, children, older people and the professionals who support them 


http://disabilityhelper.net/ - a website created by group of parents and carers of persons with special needs 


Here are some useful websites:


www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk excellent for Literacy and Numeracy

www.kented.org.uk/NGFL - Key stage 1 and 2 subjects including teaching resources, ideas, lesson plans games and much more! On some of the games you will be told what the program is written in so if it doesn’t work it may be that your PC doesn’t have the correct software to run the game/activity.


www.bbc.co.uk/education - try clicking on the bitesize keystages

www.starfall.com phonics, phonic and reading activities as well as printable sheets. It’s an American site but fun!

www.googleearth.com Great for geography e.g. to make comparisons of land desert/city

www.primarygames.com not just games curriculum stuff too.




www.btbetterworld.com – love it!

Fun and games

www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies - we all know this one but if you type in something special you will get to Mr Tumbles site aimed at children with special needs and supported by makaton. There is also a link on the page to take you to switch accessible programs

www.channel4.com put in a search for the hoobs to take you to the activity site

www.channel5.com click ‘milkshake’ for games and activities

www.funbrain.com on line games some educational some just for fun.

www.askability.org.uk – children’s society symbol supported

www.helpkidzlearn.com – Inclusive Technology simple cause and effect games

www.sarahgreenland.com – cursor control hand eye co-ordination

www.moshimonsters.com adopt your own pet monster!!


PMLD sites

www.priorywoods.middlesbrough.sch.uk everyone’s fav !

www.boohbah.com simple games very visual and auditory

www.sldonline.org/kingsbury/full.htm - games which can be used with a switch, a mouse or touch screen.

www.meldrethmanor.org.uk – click on teaching then examples of accessible multimedia, scroll to bottom of page and then click on a link e.g. music multimedia in power point, opus and flash.

www.whiteboardroom.org downloadable teaching activities.

Information, Products, Ideas and Training


www.checkthemap.co.uk this one also has activities for students






https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/makaton-signing-for-babies/id599601903?mt=8 - Makaton Signing App (Paid App for iPad)

Other links which may be useful:

Hobbies and Activities for Special Needs
Assistive Technology Buying Guide
Home Organization for Newly Disabled Seniors
Should They Stay or Should They Go: Selling a Home with Modifications
Resources for Traveling with Disabilities
Legal Guide for Newly Disabled Seniors