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"I'll be there for you" song by Addington Staff


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Please see the list below for suggestions about music making at home. Most of these are iPad apps.


  • Incredibox - https://www.incredibox.com/demo/v1 - this website’s demo version is free. You can choose different vocal parts and layer them up to create different beats.
  • Groovepad – iPad app – You can create different beats using different samples. There are only some elements of the app that are free.
  • GarageBand – Recording and sampling app for more formal learners.
  • VidRhythm – Video app which records short videos and puts them together to create a beat.
  • Jelly Band – Similar to Incredibox but aimed for younger children. You can build up different layers of sound using characters.
  • Monkey Drum – This app is good for interaction. Play a rhythm on the drum and the monkey will play it back to you.
  • Music Sparkle – Aimed at younger students for sound making through touching the screen.
  • KidloLand/Classic Nursery Rhyhmes/WheelsOnBus – All apps which play nursery rhymes.
  • Soundala Play – Make a sound or play some music and the screen will light up. Good for cause and effect.




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 "I'll be there for you" song by Addington Staff

Show 1 - 1st April 2020

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