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Explore an outside area, such as a garden.  If you have a magnifying glass use it to closely observe plants and animals found.  Notice changes as we move through the season of spring.  Take photos, maybe of a tree or flowering plant, each week and see what changes are happening.


Please click to open the folders to the right and have a look at the Crest Super Star challenges.  Each one has an activity card and an organiser card. 


Grow some plants.


Brain Pop is currently giving free family access to all their resources https://www.brainpop.com/


Ideas for science experiments, free activities, quizzes and videos can be found on Science Kids http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/


There are plenty of science resources on Education City, Discovery Espresso and lots of science ideas on Twinkl.

Spring Term science topics:


KS2 – animals, the senses

KS3 – environmental science (pollution, adaptation, habitats)

KS4 – the Earth and space, forces (air resistance, water resistance, gravity, levers).  Search ‘levers’ on Twinkl for some great projects!

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