Addington School

Behaviour Support Service


Team Teach


The whole school team are trained in Team Teach which emphasises CALM communication and employs de-escalation skills that work best for specific individuals concerned, acknowledged within their personalised Behaviour Support and Risk Reduction Plans (BMP).


Positive Physical Interventions are only used as a last resort and are underpinned by Addington’s values and principles of positive, educative care. There is an emphasis on individual’s human rights, responsibility, choices and consequences.


Team Teach strategies are flexible and yet robust enough to make us all feel free of fear and safe from harm.


Over 95% of all incidents are managed without recourse to Positive Physical Interventions.

Addington School has 1 Advanced Team Teach Trainers and 4 Intermediate Team Teach trainers, available for in-house training and training within the Wokingham Authority.


Behaviour support is an eclectic service that delivers bespoke packages in collaboration with class teams and therapy services as detailed in individual Behaviour Support and Risk Reduction Plans (BMPs) including:-




Addington has three qualified Nurture Assistants delivering tailored Nurture Programmes to individuals and small groups based on additional individual needs. Nurture aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people.




Teacher Assistants are trained in the delivery of Mini-Me YOGA providing children across the school access to YOGA throughout the week to promote wellbeing.




Aromatouch is a hand or foot massage with aromatic essential oils. Addington has four Aromatouch Practitioners available to deliver massage in class or in the Therapy room. Personal Aromatouch sessions are delivered to support the wellbeing of pupils and achieve moments of calm relaxation.



Therapeutic Class


This class use a highly personalised therapeutic programme to support pupils with complex social, emotional and sensory needs. Each pupil within the Therapeutic class setting has a bespoke timetable with varying degrees of demand placed on them to maximise their engagement and develop sustained attention and positive social interaction.



Outreach – Home schooling


This service is for those pupils who require modified timetables out of school to support their engagement and interaction with school staff and ultimately re-integrate into the school setting.




My name is Simone Pengraeve and I am the Behaviour Support teacher at Addington School.  
 If you wish to contact me, telephone the school and ask for
Ext. 243. 


I am assisted by Ellie Robinson and Hilary Rusher, the Behaviour Support Workers.



Alternatively you may also email us at the following email addresses: